Ship Deck, Provision, Store and Hose Handling Cranes

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YMV Provision, Store and Hose Handling Cranes

YMV Crane and Winch Sytems service, provision, store and hose handling cranes are designed for trouble free operation in hostile marine environment. To obtain the maximum performance, all components are selected for long life in marine environment. Our cranes are manufactured as electric or hydraulic driven, fixed, knuckle or telescopic boom options are available. According to different industry needings our cranes can be manufactured as suitable for operation under hazardous and explosive environment conditions. If the customer requires, classification certificates from different survey authorities are available as an extra.

YMV Crane and Winch Systems service and hose cranes capacity range varies between 1-15 T and boom outreach can be upto 25 Meters.

YMV Hose-Handling Crane for MT Alvanith:Load tests were performed under the wittness of NK Class. YMV Hose-Handling Crane Latest News