Rescue Boat Davit

rescue boat davit
rescue boat davit

rescue boat davit drawing

Rescue Boat Davits

YMV rescue boat davits and life raft davits are available as electric or hydraulic driven types. Rescue boat davit capacity range is between safe working load SWL:15- 35 kN. Davit boom outreach can be designed upto 3-6 Meters according to customer operational needings. Slewing of Single arm YMV Rescue Boat Davit is available upto 355 degree. Electric Motor properties: 7,5 Kw 1400 RPM 380 V 50 Hz. Ingress Protection Rating: IP Grade 56. Power pack unit and stainless steel Starter Panel are available as mounted on the davit body.

YMV Rescue boat davit is MED, RMRS, BV certificated and compatible with latest regulations of IMO, SOLAS and LSA.

PDF Brochure: YMV Rescue Boat Davit

PDF Drawing: YMV Rescue Boat Davit

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