Hatch Cover Crane

hatch cover gantry crane
hatch cover crane

hatch cover gantry crane

YMV| Hatch Cover Cranes Cost Effective and easy to operate

YMV Hatch Cover Cranes are designed and manufactured for lifting, lowering and collection of hatch covers of Cargo Vessels. Capacity range of YMV Hatch Cover Crane is between 3-40 t and span range is 8- 20 mt. Minimum and maximum working heights are 1,5-5 meter. Our cranes are manufactured as electric or hydraulic driven and control is made by lever located on one foot of crane. 4 or 8 wheel drive alternatives are available according to customer request. Eight Wheel drive type YMV Hatch Cover Cranes operate succesfully under over listing. YMV Hatch Cover Cranes are cost effective as suitable for light weight Hatch covers. Easy maintenance and long life are some additional benefits of YMV Hatch Cover Cranes.

PDF Brochure: YMV Hatch Cover Cranes