YMV Controllable Pitch Propeller

controllable pitch propeller

YMV Controllable Pitch Propeller and Shaft Sets

controllable pitch propeller

YMV designs and manufactures Controllable Pitch Propeller, shaft sets.

Main properties obtained with Inhouse propeller Design Tool PropDesign- developed by YMV Milper Team :

-Wake adapted design -Optimum Pitch Distribution -Analyzing Performance(Kt,Kg) -Cavitation Checks -3D Visualization -Material Stress Checks according to Class Society rules -Technical Drawings -Final Product Certification from IACS members -Material: Naval Bronze Alloys: Cu1/Cu2/Cu3/Cu4 -Propeller diameter: upto 5 meters.

YMV Controllable Pitch Propellers are custom designed for ocean-going tugs, dredgers, cruise ships, ferries, frigates and cargo vessels. YMV provides Start-Up and Commissioning Engineering services incase requested.

PDF Brochure: YMV Controllable Pitch Propeller