Freefall LifeBoat Davit

freefall lifeboat davit
freefall lifeboat davit

YMV Free Fall Lifeboat Davits

YMV Freefall davit system includes of a deck-to-wall mounted davit placed at the stern of the ship, and consisting of a launch ramp, davit arm, winch and hydraulic unit. YMV Freefall Davits have SWL 50 - 55 -70 kN capacity.

YMV Freefall Lifeboat davits are MED, Type Approval, Class certificated and compatible with latest regulations of IMO, SOLAS and LSA.

PDF Brochure: YMV Freefall Lifeboat Davit

PDF Drawing: YMV Freefall Lifeboat Davit

SWL 55 kN YMV Freefall lifeboat davit is delivered to Client in September 2017 YMV Freefall Lifeboat Davit Latest News

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