YMV Crane with Passive Heave Compensation System

Passive Heave Compensation Crane

What is Passive Heave Compensation?Operations under harsh weather conditions

YMV Crane with Cranemaster® Shock absorber unit between the load and the crane, reduces the negative effects of weather window and the affect of wave heights during lifting operations.

WHAT DO WE ACHIEVE?Improve operation continiuty and safety

With YMV Passive Heave Compensation Cranes; while reducing the operational downtimes, we support to maintain operation safety, by protecting, equipment, lifting object and the operators.

WHAT DO YOU GAIN?Minimize operational interruptions.

By reducing sea state caused operational downtimes, we are targeting to reduce your total operational costs while always maintaining the safety of the personel, lifting object and the equipment.

safe and smooth operations

YMV Passive Heave Compensation Cranes with Shock Absorber Unit Mounted between the hook and the load, expand your vessel capabilities while protecting your crane, lifted object and personnel. The result is improved operational weather window, reduced probability of snap loads and reduced heave motion.

What is the lıftıng object

According to Different Load ranges we have design and engineering solutions for all kind of Material Handling Equipment.



YMV Crane installed Shock Absorber Units have strok range between 0,5-5 meters. Capable to work in deep sea operations upto 3000 m water depth.



Whether the operation is tension control on load, subsea landing, we have custom solutions for your projects. Certification from third parties available upon customer request.

Powerful support to optimize your marine operations.

YMV Passive Heave Compensation Crane protects itself, rigging and payload from shock loads, motion and excessive forces. Operations: lifting in air, lowering through the splash zone, lowering down to seabed abd positioning and landing on seabed can be handled safely and precisely by YMV Passive Heave Compensation Cranes.

For offshore operations if one of below is your intention, just call us!

Shock Absorption
For any operation in air or subsea, where peak loads may occur, immediate response to potential dangerous peak loads.
Tension Control
Rapid Healing of the vessel during installation of heavy objects threaten the safety of the operation.
Splash Zone Crossing
Reduction of dynamic forces on payload during during splash zone crossing, especially on complex structures such with large surfaces.
Subsea Landing-Retriaval
Reduction on landing speed and precise landing. Reduction of peak loads during lifting. Prevention of rapid heeling of vessel during landing of heavy loads
Load Chart Improvement
Lifting capacity maintained incontrast to increasing wave heights. Improvement of operation safety, while minimizing weather caused downtimes.
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